August 30, 2020

Four years on….

A reflection on our entrepreneurial journey as we are about to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Nishe

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
-Søren Kierkegaard


Four years.

That’s how long it has passed since I took the momentous decision to resign my position as an Assurance Director at PwC Dubai and set up an accounting practice with a focus on employing women.

Nishe, which was just an idea that blossomed in my mind in 2015 and began taking concrete shape in 2016, has now led to:

  • 5 fantastic team members;
  • 40 plus clients – present and past;
  • A beautiful office in the heart of Dubai (that too, owned);
  • Several media coverages and an award;
  • My position as a Member of ACCA members advisory committee in the UAE and of ACCA global tax forum;
  • Lots and lots of new friends and connections and closer relationships with many many old friends and connections; and
  • And equally or more importantly for me, self-discovery – I am finally, finally, comfortable in my own skin.

It has also been an era of:

  • extreme panics, excitements and disappointments;
  • Continuous decision-making and problem-solving;
  • Working and living under severe financial constraints;
  • Stepping down several levels in work related responsibilities before stepping back up eventually; and
  • Plenty of exploring, discovering and learning.

Quiet reflection is a routine part of my life. But four years on, I wanted to reflect a bit louder. I am proud of what the idea of Nishe has come to, I am excited about its future and I am excited to share our journey.

Hence this Sunday series, which commences today.  I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

2 thoughts on “Four years on….”

  1. Love the second last para “Quiet reflection is a routine part of my life. But for years on, I wanted to reflect a bit louder”. It resonates with those a lot of introverts who come out of their shell as camouflaged-extroverts; and that’s just beautiful.

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