What can we do for you?

We have significant skillsets in accounting and bookkeeping, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), GCC VAT and related areas. We can work with you whether you are small or large, public or private, and irrespective of industries or sectors.

Depending on your exact requirements, you can use our services in the following two ways or a combination:

You can outsource to us - When you outsource to us, you unburden yourself. If you are unsure whether to outsource or not, this will help you make an informed decision.  

You can consult us - If you consult right, you can unlock significant value. Consulting right means consulting the right people, for areas that really matter to you but you see a void in the skillsets available with you, and combining the consultant's advice with your own wisdom. Do remember that nothing can beat your innate business knowledge.

But why Nishe? - Fair question. If what you see on our website is not enough to convince you that we are the right choice for you, we request that you meet with us just once. Let's talk.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Whether you like it or not, running a business without ensuring timely and accurate accounting is likely to lead to serious negative consequences, even business failure. Proper accounting is the first step in ensuring proper control of the business. We can help you in accounting areas such as:

Is your business new? Do you not have an accounting function yet? We can help you build your accounting function from the ground up, tailored appropriately to meet your business requirements.
Have you been running your business for a while, but are not sure whether your accounting is done properly or not? We can assess the status of your accounting function, propose steps required to address any perceived shortcomings and then help implement those steps for you.
Do you already have an accounting team, but are not sure if the accounting team is doing everything they should be doing and whether they are doing them correctly? We can bring in our expertise and oversee your accounting function for you.
Do you feel that your business lacks discipline and is not well-monitored and controlled? We can assist you in establishing and implementing structure, systems, processes and controls specifically tailored to your organisation.
Accounting is a task which requires dogged discipline, infinite amounts of patience, attention to the minutest detail, unquestionable integrity and deep technical knowledge. We can perform your regular accounting for you with as much or as little involvement from your side as possible to suit your personal taste.
Money is the life blood of all businesses. In order to ensure that it flows without interruption, you have to have a clear view on where it is coming from and where it is going to so that you can determine where more can come from and where less can go to. We can help you produce reports which will assist you and others to understand your business performance and position.
If you don't quite understand what those accounting reports are saying, don't worry. We can help you interpret and analyse them to enable you to make sound business decisions.


Are you adopting IFRS for the first time?

Do you have to implement a new IFRS standard or amendment?

Do you have to evaluate the accounting implication of a particular transaction under IFRS?

We can help you in all these areas. We have significant experience in evaluating and implementing accounting standards including drafting the related technical papers, discussing with and clearing the papers by the auditors (including the Big 4s) and recommending and/or making necessary changes to your processes and procedures.

VAT implementation and compliance

VAT has already been implemented in the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and is expected to be implemented in the remaining GCC states sooner or later. Non-compliance with VAT rules can be a costly affair as the penalties are steep. Therefore, you will need to be up to speed with areas such as:

  • VAT registration and deregistration
  • Assessing the VAT implications of your transactions
  • Ensuring that your systems, processes and people are ready for VAT
  • Compiling and filing regular VAT returns on time
  • Communicating with the tax authorities

We have significant experience in practical application of VAT in the GCC and conducting VAT trainings. We can support you with all of the above.

Are you planning to invest in or divest from a business? We can assist you with arriving at a business valuation which will let you assess whether you are getting money worthy of your business or business worthy of your money.
Are you looking to invest in another business? Would you like to evaluate the health of the target business before you make the big decision? We can assist you in performing either a high-level or detailed due diligence on the target business and give you a report. This report will assist you in more informed decision-making.
Your business may be growing and making profits, but is your business really fit?We can perform a health check of the company for you and provide you with a report which will unearth the strengths and weaknesses of your business in areas such as financial, accounting, compliance and controls. Armed with this information, you will be able to prioritise and focus your business decisions and avoid nasty surprises.
Are you interested in auditing your accounting and financial systems, processes, procedures and controls to check how well they are working and whether they are suitable for your organisation? We can perform routine internal audits for you and provide you with regular reports.
External audit may be a requirement by regulators, your bankers etc. Even when it is not mandatory, it is good discipline to have your accounts audited by an external auditor on an annual basis. We can assist you in coordinating all aspects of the audit of your accounts from selecting and engaging an auditor to finalising the audit report. We can also perform an external audit of your financial statements and provide an audit opinion through our sister firm R Square Auditing and Consultancies, subject to independence restrictions.

You didn't quite find what you were looking for? Why don't you give us a quick call or write to us? We will be happy to hear from you and can point you in the right direction.